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Smooth Collie

Trotting Smooth Collie with Ducks

The Smooth Collie is not yet available.  Check back April 1, 2008.
The base price for the Trotting Smooth Collie with Ducks, on a base is $30. 
PLUS postage and handling.  We ship USPS Priority, plus insurance.
When ordering your Smooth Collie, please check these colors -
Black Tri
Blue Merle
White (specify - black tri / blue merle / sable)
Portrait Colors can be painted at an additional cost of $25.
A photograph(s) should be provided for color /markings match.  These will be returned.  Even though I try my best to get the exact shade and/or markings/patterns mirrored on your piece, it is sometimes impossible to be exact.  I reserve the right to artistic interpretations of the sample swatches.
The ducks are approximately 3 1/2"L x 2" W.
When ordering your Smooth Collie, you may choose from these breeds of ducks -
Blue Swede
Khaki Campbell
All pieces come attached to the base which measures about - 8 1/4"L x 3 1/4" W