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To celebrate 20 years in Model Horses,  I am offering a Limited Time Only Special Anniversary Pricing!!  To celebrate, I am going back to the prices  I used 20 years ago!!  See below for more information.
Commissioned Orders for Paintings are always taken.   
First come, first served. 
Please read the following information thoroughly!  If you have any questions, please contact me! 
I can now do models that are close to stablemate size.   For years I have not offered that choice.   I prefer resin, plastic or china.  Please ask before shipping.   No molded on tack or costumes: carousel horses, arabian costumes, etc...
I do not do extensive pinto or appaloosa patterns.  I feel there are other artists that can do those types of colorations much better than I can.  Check with me BEFORE you send your piece. 
All pieces must arrive already prepped.  This means that all seams/flashing are sanded down, divots, bumps are sanded away & the piece is coated in a WHITE primer geared towards acrylic paint.  I ask that a white based primer be painted on the piece.  I do not do any sanding, filing or any other kind of prep work.  I just paint!
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a painting slot.   The piece needs to arrive a week prior to your painting slot.   IF you miss your date, then it will be applied to the next available date.  All pieces must be paid in full when piece arrives to be painted.  You are also responsible for return shipping and insurance, delivery confirmation, etc. 
A photograph(s) or magazine clipping should be provided for color /markings match.  These will be returned.  Even though I try my best to get the exact shade and/or markings/patterns mirrored on your piece, it is sometimes impossible to be exact.  I reserve the right to artist interpretations of the sample swatches.
Yes, I do accept trades.  I am looking for most Iberian/Andalusian/Lusitano/Spanish, Paso and Mustang RESINS.  Some stock horse Resins, too.  Also, any Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level kits...(not the tack, but the dvds/books.)  Let me know what you have!
In the past I have had problems with new Breyers or Stone horses.  After painting, they seem to seep and cause the newly painted surface to become sticky.  I have no control over this situation.  Sometimes resins will seep over time, too.
I retain the right to refuse to do a color or paint on certain horse molds.  I paint with an airbrush, pastels and colored pencil.  An ideal painting surface is very smooth to perfectly smooth.  Bodies that are particularly rough do not create the best painting surface.  The finished product will not show off the quality of work I do.
1st price is larger than classic / 2nd price is classic / 3rd price is for smaller than classic to Little Bit Size  to Stablemate sized NO MICRO MINIS SIZES
These Special Pricing fees go into effect October 1, 2007 and will end December 31, 2007.  All orders booked between these dates will be eligible for the Special Anniversary Pricing.  Limited spots available. 
SPECIAL PRICING $140 / $100 / $85
Dapple Gray or Roses/ Pinto/Appaloosa/Roans
$350 / $250 / $150 
SPECIAL PRICING $120 / $85 / $65
Solid Colored with Dapples /  Minimal Pinto
$300 / $200 / $100 
SPECIAL PRICING $100 / $75 / $50
Any Solid Color with or without normal facial and/or leg markings
$200 / $150 / $75 

Included with any work I do are these fine details -

On the Head- Tri-Eyes, wrinkles above eyes - ears - nose, pinking and mottling on white markings,   mapping of white markings, inside ears, nose and facial veining

For the Body- Wrinkles on neck - jowls - underarms, chestnuts, for any white markings - individual hair look with mapping, pinking of white areas(fetlocks, elbows, stifle areas)

Manes and Tails- All manes and tails are painstakingly painted to creative multi layers of color.  Sometimes manes and tails take as long as the body to finish. 

Hooves - All hooves have growth bands and vertical stripes. 


Payments may be made by PayPal, Money Order or by personal check.  A personal check must be cleared by the bank before the piece will be sent out.  You will be responsible for any checks not cleared & a $45 bank fee added if it's returned.
For international orders...the full value of a piece must be recorded on any custom tags.  I will not devalue any piece. 
All pieces I send out will be through the US Post Office.  Priority - First Class. 
As sometimes happens, pieces can become damaged through the shipping process.  I can make the needed repairs for simple fractures & breaks.  Price depends on the extent of damage.
I can also do touch ups of scratches and paint rubs.  Email me a description for a quote.
Please make sure you have read and understand these instructions!
Contact Jean for sending instructions:

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